Obama Trade Deal may die in House

Obama trade deal may die in House

The TransPacific Partnership (TPP) and the Iran Nuclear Deal represent the two President Obama legacy defining initiatives currently winding through Congress. GOP Senators have become the biggest hurdle for the Iran Nuclear Review Act, but a wide swath of opposition for the TPP and associated “Fast-Track Authority” comes from both parties: At this point, upward […]

FORMER CLINTON ADVISER: Trans-Pacific Partnership could lead to unrestricted immigration

Former Clinton Adviser: Trans-Pacific Partnership Could Lead To Unrestricted Immigration

Dick Morris, the former adviser to Bill Clinton during his time as Governor of Arkansas and President, said Monday on Newmax TV’s “America’s Forum” that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement could lead to the end of all attempts to restrict the flow of persons into the United States: “This is huge. I hope everybody listening takes action. […]

Appeals Court hears arguments over immigration action injunction

Appeals Court Hears Arguments Over Immigration Action Injunction

Friday, The Justice Department argued before the Fifth Court of Appeals to lift an injunction placed on President Obama’s immigration and deportation overhaul by a Texas judge, Andrew S. Hanen. Republicans charge that Mr. Obama is usurping legislative powers the Constitution assigns exclusively to the legislative branch. The Obama administration replies that immigration law grants […]

Obama’s Trans-Pacific Patnership opposed by his usual allies

Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership opposed by his usual allies

In what has become a certain headache for President Obama, bipartisan opposition is growing against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. While some Republicans were going to be opposed to any legacy defining initiative, a broad Democratic Coalition is also actively working to block the deal: Obama’s embrace of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) faces fierce opposition from some of […]

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