The Law of (un)Intended Consequences

One of the hallmarks of the “Age of Obama“, as Gwen Ifill has termed our current historical moment, is that we have to pass laws to find out what the consequences of that law will be. Remember then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” statement in regards to Obamacare? More than a few people have commented on what would seem to be the amateurish nature of the Obama Administration.

One indictment on the level of prowess and sophistication that the Obama Administration has displayed are the number of apologies that have been issued for mistakes that mostly could have been avoided, such as the botched roll-out of the Obamacare website. Among many others. Being brought low and having to apologize after hundreds of times promising “If you like your doctor and your coverage, you can keep them” is about as embarrassing as could be imagined–if you are of the impression that this was, indeed, a mistake and not a calculated misrepresentation of fact as a means to an end.

The latest example which could result in vast “unintended” consequences is the highly controversial Executive Order to provide deferment from deportation for up to 5 million persons who are in the United States illegally. The case was made that this was a grant of mercy, a move of high minded moral compassion that would not have any negative effects for existing and lawful US Citizens. Cynically, Obama delayed proclaiming this move as official until after the election so as to shield his fellow democratic party members from the expected onslaught the voting population was expected to bring in reaction to any move to use Executive Authority to shield illegal immigrants. That seemed very democratic–purposefully delaying action so as to avoid repudiation by the voters. How transparent.

What has come to light, however, in the weeks since the announcement are the knock on effects of the Executive Order, including the likelihood that illegal immigrants who are allowed deferred action will be eligible to vote, receive government benefits, and receive tax-credits including back-tax credits amounting in some cases to $24,000. This in combination with being placed on the fast-track for eventual US Citizenship, jumping in line in front of the thousands of legal and lawful immigrants who have been doing things the right way. 

Additionally, it has been found that the slippery slope of amnesty just gets slipperier and slipperier: As the State of California has discovered in attempting to provide drivers licenses to the newly legalized residents, forgiving the act of illegal entry and settlement brings with it many other sticky issues such as forgiveness of other felonious behaviors like Identity Theft, Document Forgery, Tax Evasion, Harboring of Illegal Aliens, and knowingly Hiring and Employing Illegal Aliens.

Some would say that all the handouts and giveaways which amount to one heck of a welcome package to all of these illegal immigrants was a designed plan by President Obama, outgoing White House Counselor John Podesta, and the Democratic Party as an attempt to create a new voter base from scratch. I am much more concerned that it is just another example of the law of unintended consequences coming back to bite the amateur hour President and all the rest of us as well.

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