Where is My Free House?

Henrietta Hughes gets a new house, because she was planted as a media shill at a “Townhall Meeting” in Fort Myers, Florida, but many American’s are asking–“where is my free house?”.

Henrietta Hughes and her son Corey are professional system moochers. They have lived off of grants for education, welfare, public assistance, faith-based charity, and at the same time owned property in at least 3 different states, drive a $30,000 truck, have nice designer clothes, and turn down almost-free housing when it doesn’t jive with their monthly budget for Gas, Insurance, Food, lottery ticketsĀ and doing nothing. What the hell? Where is my free house?

Is Henrietta Hughes even satisfied with the house that the Thompson’s of Florida gave her? I doubt it.

In a local TV interview given just after Henrietta Hughes’ “heart-touching” performance at the Townhall Meeting, Henrietta Hughes asked first for the government to return her previously foreclosed house because it had just been put on the market for sale again by the people who bought it from the bank after her foreclosure, and then asked for cash so she and her son could “go back to school”. Enough is never Enough.

President Obama has asked for and is enabling an entire sub-culture of Entitleists and Scammers to clamor for “help”.

Looters and Moochers have taken over government and our society, and Atlas needs to shrug now or forever hold his peace.

(*This article was originally published February 15, 2009 on the Yahoo Contributor Network)

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